Sunday, February 5, 2012

Honey's Girl

Mommy has been sick with mono (which I probably contracted from all of the slobbery kisses you and I exchange) so you have spent the week with Honey.  In the past, every time you've seen your Honey you immediately demand to be held and glue yourself to her side.  When I drove to San Antonio to pick you up, it was even worse.  You don't care about anyone but her.  You reach for her and all of your smiles and giggles are for her.  Mommy is jealous but so happy that you have bonded with Honey in such a special way.  Honey loves you too.  Listening to her tell sweet stories of what you've done imparts to me that you are loved, loved, loved.  Honey says that you are beautiful but that you could be the ugliest little girls that ever lived and your personality would still make you beautiful.  I agree Sweet Mimmy Cakes.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Walmart De"buckle"!

Well, you continue to amaze me.

As we were shopping at Walmart yesterday, we saw one of Mommy's AWANA Cubbies.  While I stopped to say "hello" you somehow managed to flip yourself over backwards out of the cart seat and into the main part of the basket.  The entire time, you were buckled.  You screamed bloody murder, drawing us LOTS of attention.

How you did it, I have no idea.  You managed to embarrass me and SCARE me half to death. I wonder why my worst parenting moments are always in front of others...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sweet Sissy

Lily, I love watching your range of expressions grow.  You are trying so hard to repeat what we say. Right now, you only cry "Mama" but I'll take it.  You say Ace, Dada and ball.  You are close to saying sock and shoe.  Your best word is Bye by far.  You are so good at blowing kisses.  You blow into your little hand and it melts my heart.  You walk/ run pretty well but still splat.  You are so tough.  Sometimes, when I just KNOW you've hurt yourself, you pick yourself up and toddle off without a tear.  I love to put your blankie on my shoulder because it ellicits instant snuggles.  That's really the only way I get them.

Your beautiful eyes, sweet little lips and irresistible personality have entwined you in my heart. I love you Sweet Mimmies.

Monday, December 12, 2011

My Little Instigator

Sissy, I love you.  Lately you have shown your Daddy's colors.  You've been such a little instigator.  When you steal Acey's trucks, you hold them tight to your body like a football receiver and pump your other arm to run as fast as possible to my lap.  The entire time you have such a look of guilt on your face. You KNOW what you are doing.  Sure enough, when Ace comes screaming for his truck, you throw it at him and hop up to run steal another.  Although it reduces your big brother to tears, Mommy can't help but laugh.

You want pretty much whatever he has but the same is true for him.  You love to try and insinuate yourself between me and Ace when he is in my lap. 

I love your squeezy face.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You make me smile

Ok Missy, you are still not saying "Mommy" BUT somehow, you make me smile anyways.  You are such a jabbermouth. You say Ace, Dada...I swear you said "sock" the other day. I think that you say "thank you" because you love giving me things and I always tell you "thank you."  But no "Mama."  Your sweet little voice just melts everyone that hears it.  You have so much to say.  My favorite thing to do with you right now is just to sit in your room and watch you toddle around being busy.  You are really into giving High-fives.  You make me so happy that it catches in my throat when I think of you.  You are the definition of precious.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

So much Yuck

Lillies you have had a stomach bug since last Thursday.  It's been SOOOO yucky: throw up on Friday, poop all weekend and Monday you finished it off with a bang...throwing up an entire bottle of milk all over the back seat of Mommy's car.  I set you on the floor of the garage, you got up on your chubby baby legs, wobbled over to me and just wanted to be held...and mommy held you, covered as you were in milky throwup.  All you've wanted is to be held and snuggle. I'm so sad that you've been sick but I've enjoyed the lovin'.  As another bonus, you've only wanted ME!  You are always ALL about Daddy and Ace and Mommy gets the leftover loving (which is wonderful, don't get me's just fun to be the one you want for a while).

No more sickness for a while, ok?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

October One Means Halloween Fun!

Wow, this new way Blogger has of loading pictures is wierd. Not sure that I like it.
ANYWAYS, what I do like is that it's finally OCTOBER.  We looooove Halloween in this house. My sister introduced me to Pinterest (love her, curse her - it's so addicting) and I found all sort of fun Halloween things.  All I needed were some willing subjects. Cousins Aubrey and Brynley came over last night.
We started out with face painting and they turned out way better than I thought. Everyone was so still! Tear, they must be growing up.  After face painting, I gave them each a bowl full of candy and made them separate it while I mixed some cookies together.
Everything went into the cookie mix while they ate dinner.
Dinner courtesy of pinterest: Banana ghosts, pretzel and fruit roll up witches brooms with worms, an apple jack-o-lantern, grape witches, buggy pigs in a blanket and ghosty cheese sticks. You can see that B brought the kids some spooky goblets to drink their water from in the photo above.
 Sweet Brynley...and I mean "sweet." She is after her Aunt Kelly's heart with all of the candy she ate.

After dinner, we made pumpkins. I get aggravated that pumpkins start to decompose as soon as you carve them and then they are all moldy and stinky by Halloween.  We got these potato-head-like things a few years ago and Ace loves to change his pumpkin up throughout the month. (Then, we can just turn them around and they're pretty for Thanksgiving.)
 Everyone did a great job.

We did some serious dental damage trying to make candy necklaces. I found a cool skeleton candy necklace kit at HEB but these kids were way more interested in cracking their teeth on all of it.
We sampled our monster cookies and were thrilled with the result. We baked Sweet Sugar Belle's September recipe for "monster cookies".  Yum, yum, yum. (Will definitely chop up the candy corn next time.)
I thought we could make ourselves into mummies with toilet paper.  Let me just say that it was off within 30 seconds of me finishing and we clogged the toilet several times because of this bright idea. Can't blame them for putting toilet paper where it's supposed to go.  Next time...crepe paper.
Of course, Jonathan will make me admit that the night was all about me and what I wanted to do.  Truth be told, I had so much fun.  I always think to myself, "It'd be so fun to get the cousins together for fun crafting and activities" but then I get drowned in a schedule of cleaning, laundry and activities.  It was awesome to take a few hours out to just ENJOY these precious little lights of mine.
Off to dream up the next party!